Friday, July 3, 2009

It's the Best!!!

Happy 4th of July!!! It's one of my favorites--I even made a special Happy 4th of July wreath. I'm just so crafty sometimes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching Up

So it's been QUITE a while since I've blogged. I even almost forgot how to log in and write a new blog. Let's see what I've been up to in the past few months.
First of all, Happy new year! I just had my best new year's party yet. I went with some new friends and we became instant great friends. We all dressed up snazzy and went to a dance (I even FINALLY found the perfect opportunity to wear my vintage diamond tie necklace). The dance wasn't the coolest, but we had the most fun EVER! Haha, it was fun.

We had so much fun partying for New Years, that we decided to take the party to Vegas.

We only went to Vegas AFTER we decided to find a house, renovate it, and move in. Wow, what an undertaking. The house is really cool now, still a little drafty...I'm only regretting that I didn't take any 'before' pictures of the house before we started working on it. We repainted, scrubbed down the floors, walls, and doors, put in new carpet, tore out the bathtub, tore out the floor, put in new subfloor, tiled the bathroom, tiled the kitchen (after we moved in), installed a new toilet, and all the other misc things that come along with cleaning up a run down house. (Sorry John, but it is, I'm sure you'll agree). This was probably the most stressful thing I have been through. I will put up pictures of the cute house once I find my camera battery. One of the many things lost during the move.

I just can't seem to ever let myself just settle and be satisfied with where I am at in life. I always have to stress myself out by doing crazy things. So as soon as the house settled down, I decided with my friend Jenn Barlow, that we would study for the LEED test and become LEED AP's (Accredited Professional). This is just not any test, this is the hardest test I have ever taken in my LIFE! This is the other reason I haven't been on the internet. I studied over 100 hours and have never been more nervous. The test is changing versions soon and I have heard it is supposed to be about 3 times harder than the existing one. I was psyching myself out because I knew that I only have two shots to pass this test. Well, I totally passed it. I even got 91% on the test when 80% is passing, so it was awesome to know that all of the studying I did paid off! I love it! I'm now freaking LEED AP!!!!!! I still smile every time I think about it! I almost threw up right before I found out my score (it posts your score on the computer right after you click "Finish"). But once I saw that I passed, I just started crying and couldn't stop! I walked out of the room totally stoked and couldn't stop jumping up and down. I still can't believe I passed. So basically this test means that I can now work on LEED projects knowing the processes and I can help in the construction process. (It also means that I can help the project earn a point in ID (Innovation in Design) credit 2). Projects that go for LEED certification are using 'green building' techniques to create an energy efficient building with a healthy atmosphere for the occupants. I think it is definitely the way of future building. It's been a passion of mine ever since I was in junior high pulling aluminum cans out of the trash to recycle. Click here to see a really cool project that earned the highest (platinum) LEED certification. I'm just a nerd about this so I could ramble forever. I'll stop.

My triathlon training was put on hold while I was studying, so now I have a month to get in shape for the St George tri. I am really stoked about it, but extremely nervous about whether I will be ready or not. I'll have to see how my week goes now that I have some free time.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Salt Lake in December

It's amazing. I just love it! The Gallivan Plaza has ice skating outside, temple square is lit up beautifully, and the capitol has lit up their single Christmas tree. Anyone know what's up with that by the way? They have one small tree in the south east corner of the capitol that is lit up. And that's it. And it's small.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, our singles ward went to temple square to see the lights. I want to go back again to see the nativity scene all the way through. I only spent a quick minute. It was actually really warm when we went so I only had to have my sweater. Which ROCKED!


I am really getting bad at blogging lately, but I need to be doing things in order to blog about them right?
One of the coolest things I have done lately, well quite a few weeks ago, was go to the Jazz game. I didn't just go to the Jazz game, I got front row seats to the Jazz game! It was completely amazing and I feel so lucky that I was able to go. Thanks again Dad! I REALLY had the time of my life! I invited Joe, Jon and Jen to go with me and we had dinner on top of the stadium before the game started. There was a buffet with the best food and I was extremely impressed with the ice cream bar that they gave before the game to take down.
When we went to our seats, we ended up sitting RIGHT next to the Jazz players. Like we were so close, we were talking to them. It was so great.

I got some good pictures of my boyfriend too.

Although they did lose, towards the end the Jazz called a time out. CJ came walking around the team, and I was clapping my hands, and I said "It's OK, you guys are still looking good!" He LOOKED and me and nodded his head a few times. We totally had a moment. I think he likes me! Haha.

Caught a quick pic of my other boyfriend, Kyle.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


When I was in college my fun, awesome, cool roommate Carrie once was telling me one night that she wants to marry someone with the last name of 'oke' so she her name would be Carrie Oke. Ever since then, every time I think about Carrie or kareoke, I think of that. We just are silly sometimes.
I never realize how much I love kareoke until I'm there and I love it even more on stage with a great song. Last Tuesday, Part of Your World by my favorite little mermaid Ariel was my great song of the night. I'm not sure if many of you know, but this is, has been and always will be my favorite movie ever. My grandma says that when she babysat I would come home from school and watch it everyday, twice a day. That's a lot of Little Mermaid but I still don't get bored of it. My friend Margie came up with me because I was a little nervous to go up by myself, but after i got going and realized I still new every single word of the song by heart, I had a little fun with the audience.
Joe and Jon got up to sing hard core. Oh, it made me laugh. They were the stars of the night I would have to say.
Here they are rocking their socks off.

I got to bed so late and was extremely exhausted at work, but I would for sure do it again. This next time, I hope we can get on stage a few more times.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks Hez!!! Wink!
Everyone knows I'm incredibly behind on this. I make no apologies, I'm a busy person. I just wanted to start getting into the festive holiday mood and post some pics starting with Halloween.
Our pre-Halloween weekend I think was better than the Halloween weekend (maybe because the flu shot made me sick?), but both were just fun.

I just loved Rainbow Brite and found her awesome costume online. It was such a fun outfit, but very uncomfortable, it kept falling up and driving me nuts. So that costume only lasted the night. And the week previous to it when I wore it everyday.

Roomies! We were both so excited for the outfits.

Costume of the year went to these two. Blades of Glory is in my top ten favorite movies, and I was so excited to see they dressed up like the two! It was awesome. By the way, if any of you know the guy in the blue suit, HOOK ME UP.

So not many people came to the family home evening we had on Monday dressed up. Dre and I were enjoying our morbid Halloween together. I threw this costume together in about 5 minutes and it totally rocked, so it won the prize-it got to be worn for all Hallow's Eve.

Halloween night:

Me being a zombie, Mark (can't remember who he was), Jen was Selene from Underworld (personally one of my top five favorite movies), and Joe was Justin Timberlake from the 90's! It was fun to be had by all at the Durham household.

My little sister is in a stage makeup class and made this scary little number for me on my face. It scares even me. Thanks Anna!!

Speaking of Halloween, I bought this wreath last year, during the Christmas season I might add, and it looks like I should have used it in October. Hmm. Thoughts? Every time I come home and leave my place, I stare at it wondering what to think of it. Christmas? Halloween? Both?